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Sebenernya sejak masa liburan lebaran kemaren, Natanael udah ngetag gue buat ikutan award ini. Dan kemudian sohib gue Merista juga ikutan ngetag gue. Udah lama kepengen bikin juga terus kemudian lupa. Sampai akhirnya kakak Haris (@oldeuboi) juga ngetag gue dan seolah mengingatkan gue buat tugas mulia ini (halah...). Since there is no good movie worth it for midnight viewing and i'd prefer to write this before watching season 3 of Game of Thrones, so here we go...

Sekilas info aja, Liebster and Sunshine Award ini merupakan sebuah ajang bagi para bloggers amatir dan pemula yang memiliki kurang dari 200 followers. Liebster sendiri berasal dari bahasa Jerman yang berarti 'sweetest', 'kindest', 'nicest', 'dearest', dan semuanya yang paling unyu-unyu kayak gue. Sebelum gue memulai ini, ada aturan yang harus gue penuhi dan gue bakalan ngejabarin disini :

1. Acknowledge blogger(s) who nominated you.
Big thanks for Nael, Mery, and kaka Haris, off course ;)

2. Pasang logo Liebster Awars di postingan kamu.

3. Jawab 11 pertanyaan yang diajukan oleh blogger(s) yang menominasikan.
And there, i have 3 so it's triple the questions. Le sigh me...

4. Tulis 11 fakta random tentang dirimu.

5. Buat 11 pertanyaan untuk blogger lain yang dinominasikan.

Dan sekarang, mari kita mulai...

From Natanael :

1. Tell me your favorite local director and their movie you'd  recommended?
Ummm....My most favorite Indonesian director would be Joko Anwar. Because i really a big fans of thriller psychological genre and he gave it to us here in Indonesia, where this genre seems lack of attention. You might want to try Pintu Terlarang. It's bloody awesome...

2. Sequels, yay or nay?
Depend on the original movie, I guess. Sometimes a movie deserve to make the sequel. Like The Incredibles. But most of the times, the sequel seems like forced to be made. We're talking about money so yeaaaa.......no comment.
3. What movie you hate but everyone seemed to love?
D'oh....Avatar. Over-rated!

4. What movie you love but everyone seemed to hate?
Recently...Only God Forgives (2013). Most people I met hate it. But i kinda enjoying it, hahahah.

5. How many movies you usually watch in a month?
Ummm, depend on my mood actually. But make it consideration as....15 movies, perhaps.

6. How many many times you usually go to cinema?
About 5-6 times maybe. And most of them are for free for media screening. Can't help it, sorry guys, hahaha.

7. Style or substance?
Depend on how the movie itself, so I guess it's both.

8. Foreign film, yay or nay?
Yay baby!

9. Vague cliffhanger or happy ending?
Call me a sick-o, but i love vague cliffhanger. Means that somewhere in other universe dimension, the movie really not ending, and we can guess it, with all the wildest possibility. And that the joyous part.
10. Who's your favorite villain?
That would be hard...I love villain!
That would be....John Doe, portayed by Kevin Spacey from Se7en by David Fincher. Creepy. Deadly. And looked harmless...which made him looked more even deadly.
But also, I give an honorable mention to Hannibal Lector (Hannibal trilogy), Loki (Thor), Patrick Bateman (American Psycho), Joker (The Dark Knight), Anton Chigurh (No Country For Old Men), and Tyler Durden (Fight Club), etc.

11. Who's your favorite movie pet?
Dory from Finding Nemo! Just keep swimming....just keep swimming....swimming, swimming, swimming~~~~~~~

From Merista Kalorin :

1. The oldest movie you ever watch?
Hmmm....Since i still don't have the right mood for watching The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) yet, so the oldest movie i ever watch is Metropolis (1927) by Fritz Lang. Awesome. That's what we called style and substance going through together...

2. What's your fave soundtrack? Gimme 5!
Okay madame....Here are the list :
a. Festival by Sigur Ros (127 Hours)
b. Svefn g Englar by Sigur Ros (Vanilla Sky)
c. Desolation Row by My Chemical Romance (Watchmen)
d. Back in Black by AC/DC (School of Rock, Iron Man)
e. Til Kingdom Come by Coldplay (The Amazing Spider-Man)

3. Coming of age or road movie?
Off course i love coming of age movie! It's amazing that you can observed a character in a movie and you growing and matured with them. But then there is one coming of age/road movie that i loved...Les Geants from Belgian. Amazingly hurt :(.

4. The most awesome director?
There are so many! But my favourite auteur is David Fincher. With his dark approached in his movies, he never failed amazed me. Look at Se7en, it gave us a creepiness about fanatism and how people reacted with that. Or Fight Club, when he brought us to the madness yet it simply make sense to me. And trust me...The Social Network would be very lame and boring without his 'touch', literally.

5. Peter Parker or Bruce Banner?
Both are geeks. One transform into a huge and greeny creature and one choosed tight red and blue spandex to hiding his identity....Tough callm buddy. But since Peter Parker have a very witty and sarcasm sense of humor, i choose him over Banner.

6. Favourite movie from Oscar winner?
There are a lot T__T, but if i had to choose, that must be Forrest Gump (1993). Life is like a box of chocolate, you'll never know what you gonna get.

7. Dewi Persik atau Nikita Mirzani?
WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THIS, MERY????????????!!!!!!!!!! LIKE, SERIOUSLY???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. Favourite film's setting and in what movie?
Oh you know how i loved New York....And i loved it when Steve McQueen gave a different look about New York in Shame (2011). In Brandon's point of view, i can see miserable and loneliness everywhere...

9. Favourite film based on novel?
Harry Potter saga. No need to ask why.

10. Favourite film based on true story or event?
The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) by Will Smith and his (overworried's face) son.

11. What's your most favorite movie?
It's like choosing which one are our favorite child :"(.

From Harris :

1. Disney or Ghibli?
Both are amazing in their own way. But i might choose Disney because i haven't watch Ghibli's unless Spirited Away so...someone, slap my face!

2. Horor, love or hate it?
I hate it. I don't like to being threatened and scared by a ghost or any non sense creature.

3. Romantic-Comedy or Drama-Romantic?
Both. I am a hopeless romantic so i love both. Hahahaha.

4. Keanu Reeves, love or hate it?
Are we talking about that hunky guy in Speed? I love it!

5. Stephen Spielberg, cinema maestro or overrated director?
He is a maestro...for being overrated. Okay, now all Spielberg's fans will kill me.

6. Korean Drama, yes or no?
No....because they will made me drown in my own tears. Darn it, Wedding Dress!

7. Nudity in films, yes or no?
Depends on the substance of the movie itself i guess...
But whenever Fassbender get naked, i'm in!

8. Titanic, best film ever or no?
Hell no.

9. What crossed in your mind when you heard or read : Kate Winslet?
Near....Far....Wherever you are.....

10. Named a movie you've watch more than 5 times.
Forrest Gump, Green Mile, Saving Private Ryan, The Man In The Iron Mask, Mean Girls, Shawshank Redemption, Never Been Kissed, all Disney/Pixar movies (unless Cars 2, Brave, and Monster University), Drive, Shame, Spider-Man trilogy...okay, i lost my counts.

11. Would you prefer to watch alone or along with others people?
Again, depend on the crowd and the movie itself. Some movie are awesome to watch it along with others, like Iron Man 3, World War Z and Pacific Rim, recently. But i loved to watch my favourite genre alone.

Eleven Random Facts About Me

1. Dressed in my own mood. Can be very girly with dress and heels but also can be very boyish with sneakers and ripped jeans.
2. Coffee junkie. Drink them in different amount and case. For casual day : 1 time. For writing mood and hectic time : 3 - 4 times a day.
3. I am a social butterfly but sometimes i loved being alone in the middle of crowd.
4. In love with yellow. It's describe my personality best.
5. Want to backpack and travel around the world someday. Especially Italy, because I want to eat all of the food in there.
6. Indecisive. Need a long time even to decide which food should ordered.
7. Gadget freak. The first and last thing i do everyday is checking on them.
8. Hate ballad songs, it will drowned me into sad and blue mood. I'd rather heard the depressive one.
9. Have a shoe and lingerie fetish.
10. Always fall for night's light. And beach. And breathtaking skies.
11. Proud single fighter for both of my prince and princess : Ayden and Aimee.

The Sunshine Award

1. Favorite Actor : Michael Fassbender, off course.

2. Favorite Actress : Emma Stone

3. Favorite Auteur : David Fincher

4. Favorite Film : Shame

5. Favorite TV Show : err....Running Man, hahaha.

6. Favorite Music Video : My Chemical Romance - The Ghost of You

7. Favorite Album : Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree

8. Favorite Book : Haruki Murakami - Norwegian Wood

9. Favorite Drink : Coffee Latte

10. Favorite Food : Anything with cheese in it!

And here are the list of my 11 Questions :
1. What is the most disturbing movie you have ever watch?
2. What movie you have to watch before you die?
3. If you can choose to be in a movie, what character would you choose? Why?
4.  Name a movie that you would like to direct!
5. Who do you think the coolest actor/actress to hang out with you?
6. Name an actor or actress that you want to kiss!
7. Imagine you woke up in the morning, where are you and who's beside you?
8. Describe your movie taste in 5 words!
9. Which one do you think greater : Harry Potter vs The Lord of The Rings?
10. Do you have a fetish to any famous creatures in Earth?
11. Describe your fetish then, hahaha!

And I give this order to you, guys :
4. Kaka Onta dan Gila Filmnya
5. Blogger film favorit gue : Candra Aditya
6. The Not So Lucky Ramadhan
7. Kakak Hem's Cullen
8. Senior dengan alis tebal tercinta, kang Arbie
9. Penulis paling pervert, Bang Opan

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